Are you on holiday in Jesolo with your pet and wondering if dogs are allowed on the beach? Here’s all the information you need!

Can I go to the beach with my dog in Jesolo?

Sure, there are three dog-friendly beaches in Jesolo:

  • Bau Bau Beach in Via Vittorio Veneto, is the first in Jesolo with tailor-made spaces and services for pets and the only one where your 4-legged friends have a reserved bathing area! Access is by reservation only;
  • In the Faro area, along the bank of the mouth of the River Sile, you can relax with your dog on the sand;
  • At the mouth of the Piave River, at Via Dragan, you can go to the beach with your dog by booking access via the JBeach App.

Can I walk on the beach with my dog?

Outside the bathing season, you may walk with your dog on the beach and on the seashore, using a lead and keeping a muzzle at hand. During the bathing season, on the other hand, you may only enter the beach with your pet at beach establishments or on public beaches that authorise it, always using a leash and muzzle.

Can my dog swim in the sea?

Only in authorised stretches of water, such as Bau Bau Beach. For updated ordinances and decrees, read here.